Peace Brain Education

Part 3: Your Peace Brain Service

"I do not know what path in life you will take, but I do know this: If on that path, you do not find a way to serve, you will never be happy.

We are not alone. We are part of something bigger and we experience that connection by giving with grace a portion of our time and talent to service."
--Albert Schweitzer
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Part 3 is about identifying your personal talents and gifts, and using them as service in and for the world. How can YOU - uniquely and individually (or working in groups) - contribute to this new Peace Brain Society?

The classes listed below are examples of some of the course work that we teach in our Part 3: My Peace Brain Service workshops, and of the kinds of Service Projects that you and/or your friends can create and do. To have us customize workshops for your organization or group, please contact us!
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Using Your Peace Brain for Service

This class is about brainstorming ideas for community needs and possible service, learning from others and their successes, practicing hearing clearly with your Peace Brain, and experiencing "out of the box" solutions and possibilities to create a Peace Brain World.
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Discovering Your Peace Brain Powers

This class gets you to ponder, practice, and perform your Peace Brain Powers! Come learn your gifts, talents, and get comfortable with telling your story and being of service to all. You just might find it fun and uplifting to your life!
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Movie Sundays

We love movies. We especially love movies that have a purpose, where the character grows spiritually, that stimulates discussion and thought, and where afterwards you just feel really good about life. You'd think those films might be hard to find - but no! There are lots of movies out there to see. We host (in Atlanta) a movie Sunday every month to the general public and our friends. It is really fun and enlightening!
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Reduce stress and find your calm, peaceful self while walking a labyrinth. These are meditative structures that have special gifts and powers to lighten the soul, offer answers to deep questions, and to allow the walker to transform her/his life. Build your own labyrinth - at home, church, school, store, hospital, or more! Offer this service to your area or organization.
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Organic Gardens

Assist your community in creating and maintaining a community vegetable or fruit garden that provides food, sharing moments, relaxation and an opportunity to connect with the land. Teach both youth and adults the values of pure food, becoming one with the earth, and connecting with the miraculous powers of life.
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Peace Trails

Connect with other Peace Gardens, Labyrinths, Peace Sculptures, etc. to create a Peace Trail in your neighborhood, community or city! Linking Places of Peace is important to make Peace become a normal part of our society. Promote your trails online - help your city to become recognized for Peace. Let us assist you in creating Peace Education materials along side your Peace Trail!

Plant a Peace Pole on your trail, and celebrate "May Peace Prevail On Earth" in diverse languages and cultures worldwide.
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Peace Explorer Clubs

Become a Peace Explorer and create a Club at your school, in your neighborhood, church, or organization. Learn the ways of Peace and begin to seek out and notice where Peace already exists in our world - and celebrate it! Help others to see how Peace can be a choice in their life - what that looks like and how we can all work together. Link and share with other Peace Explorer Clubs around the planet!

Soon to come - website to link Clubs worldwide!
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