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Part 2: Create A Peace Brain Society

"...if civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationship - the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together and work together in the same world, at peace." President Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Part 2 is about visualizing and creating a world at peace: What would that look like? What would be in it? Who would be in charge? How would we treat each other? How would our current world need to change?

The classes listed below are examples of some of the course work that we teach in our Part 2: Create A Peace Brain Society workshops. To sign up for a class, or to customize workshops for your organization or group, please contact us!
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Creating With Your Peace Brain

Learn how to think positively, put forth what you want, and create amazing and miraculous experiences in your life. Your Peace Brain is powerful and connected to heart. Live from your heart, be in a space of grace, harmony and bliss, and all you desire can come to you!
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Peace Principles

There are several main principles of peace that we will study here - Principles such as Unity, Cooperation, Non-violence, and Love. Come join us in examining these concepts, how they might manifest in our societies, and then practice embodying these principles in your life.
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A Peace Brain civilization - What does it look like?

We all have an idea of what a peaceful society would look like. Ponder, discuss, list and plan what various segments of our world would need to have and be: economics, schools, agriculture, transportation, politics, parks, wild lands, our communities. Envision it, so that you can create it!
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The Law of One: Creating Unity in workplace, home & community

The Law of One is the actuation of Peace.  Without oneness, we cannot hope to create a world of wellness and prosperity.  At the same time, we need diverse ideas and perspectives to arrive at creative solutions for complex issues. Yet, we can easily get caught up in the “Us vs. Them” syndrome, where we define others by categories and stereotypes, and act like we are separate from each other.  We all WANT unity, but how can we bring this principle of oneness into our business, family, and community relationships?

In this workshop we will:  a) Identify oneness principles; b) Envision oneness through participatory exercises and discussions; c) Practice creating "win-win" relationships, and d) Apply oneness principles to real life situations.
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Building Community

We are a global world, and yet the way things are accomplished in this world is through our spheres of influence. We are being called to work in teams, to build community and make a difference. Come learn how you can build community, both in your job and at play. It is our next step in civil evolution!
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Consultation is a practice of all participants communicating equally, peacefully, and with unity. It is Justice in action. Come learn how to "consult" in a new way, and make unified decisions based on facts, reflection, full group participation, humbleness and truth.
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Animal Communication

Animals are not only a part of the natural, wild world - living in harmony with healthy ecosystems, but they are also an intimate part of our lives as pets, food sources, garden guests and enemies, and insects both welcomed and expelled in our homes. Come learn how to communicate with these diverse species - bringing ease, happiness and unity into your life.
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Learning From Nature

Nature is sacred - it works on universal principles that are both scientific and mysterious. Come explore the sacred mathematical principles of nature, its laws, its mysteries, its capacity to change with new circumstances. Nature can teach us a lot about living in peace.
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Nature as Nurture

Come feed your soul through Nature!  Connecting to the Earth is important – even if we live in a big metropolis, and see nothing but cars, buildings, and streets.  Taking the time to “smell the roses” is crucial, if we are to remember that all things are connected, and that our prosperity and happiness really do depend on our synergy with the Earth and its creatures, minerals, and ecosystems.  Learn to “tune into” Nature, and become one with its healing powers.  Reflect on your place, and how to bring prosperity and peace into your life, using Nature’s wisdom and gifts.
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