Peace Brain Education

Part 1: Activating Your Peace Brain

"Show me your Original Face.

The face you had before your parents were born." ZEN Koan

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Part 1 is about finding your true self within - your talents, your playfulness, your inner knowing.  It is learning to walk in Peace, talk, think, and act in Peace.  It is about creating a peaceful sanctuary in both your mind and heart, and a peaceful world around you - no matter what the circumstances.

The classes listed below are examples of some of the course work that we teach in our Part 1: Activating My Peace Brain workshops. For a complete list, or to customize workshops for your organization or group, please contact us!
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What Is Peace?

We all want to have peace in our lives and society. Peace is much more than the absence or war or violence. Peace is a way of life. Come learn what it is, its main principles, how to cultivate it, where you are on your Peace Journey, and how to become Peace!
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Tools for Well-Being

Reduce stress and find your calm, centered self with these visualization tools and meditations.  Find your internal energy, direct it, and focus it on creating a peaceful you, and any specific items, qualities, and experiences you wish to have.  Learn to be in command of You!
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Labyrinths:  Walking Wellness

Labyrinths are universal symbols of Life.  The twisting and winding of the single path (no maze here) is like Life – leading us to the center of our being and our gifts.  When we walk a labyrinth, we open ourselves to divine inspiration, protection, and creativity.  Diverse cultures all over the planet have built and walked labyrinths – from ancient Greece and Egypt to modern day hospitals, schools and churches.  Come learn about and experience the magic of labyrinths, and how they can open our hearts to the possibilities of Well-being and Peace.
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Know Yourself: Getting in touch with your essence & power

Personal power is all about knowing your strengths, weaknesses, and being clear about your purposes in Life. When we can clear ourselves of all the beliefs from others about who we are, then we can find our own answers, and move forward with certainty and joy into our true roles and goals. Learn how to clear the voices and demands of others and find your unique essence and place in the world - what you are here to do and be.  Learn how to honor your gifts, synergize with others, create new teams, and get the jobs done well and with ease.  Learn how to be self-sufficient and of service at the same time. Find your joy! You make a better world by you being in it.  Come play with us and appreciate YOU!
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Living Happiness!

We all want to be happy.  Come learn about Happiness, how to find it within each moment, and how to add it to your daily life. You CAN do this.  Come experience: A guided meditation to your Happiness Place; Play with art tools to find the Happy You; Create your Happiness Mantra and; Allow a new sense of Wellness and Contentment to come into your Being.
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Wielding the 7 Words of Power & Peace

Learn the 7 most useful words on the planet, and how to use them to dispel fear, doubt, hesitation, sadness, apathy and confusion.  Feel these words; breathe them; "dress" in them.  Become these Living Words, and learn to walk in their power, creating a life of peace and harmony wherever you go. You will stand tall, be noticed, and have the ability to respond and act when needed!
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Transforming Loss & Grief into Peace & Happiness

This is a ½ day to full day workshop, with a 25+ exercise Workbook.  Learn to embrace and be amused with change, be connected and in-tune with your loss, find the gifts in change, and move forward with new transformations and actions towards a more creative and happy life.  We use art, guided meditation, journaling, group discussion, and individual reflection to achieve your desired results. Come play with us in making changes and transformations the solid stepping stones on your life's path!
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Create Your Personal Power Field

Using meditation, visualization, art, skits, and journaling, you will learn how to "raise your vibration", be the Creator of your Reality, and walk in well-being 24/7! In this class series, you will learn:
* The Shift - how it is affecting you and what you can do about it.
* Powerful energy tools to define your space, stay centered & protected
* Who are you and who are you not?
* Peace concepts and how to apply them in your life.
* What limiting beliefs are holding you back
* How to use the Rays of Creation to despell these beliefs
* To use wisely your "powers" as a spiritual being
* How to awaken your Peace Brain to create an environment of well-being 24/7!
Taught by Dr. Gail Lash 
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Re-energizing your body, mind and spirit

What is Well-Being?  How would you define it? What aspects do you want to bring into your life?  Using play tools, art, meditation, writing, and music, re-energize your life with these concepts of Well-Being, and learn to “sit” in this energy, wherever you are.
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Healing with Color and Energy

Learn how to heal using the building blocks of creation – the seven colors of the rainbow!  These healing Rays are powerful, accurate, and immediate.  Learn how to visualize energy moving throughout the body, cleansing any blockages – both physical and emotional.  Come experience this ancient healing technique, and then practice on your friends, colleagues and clients!  All healing is connected to Divine Source. 
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