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"A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life." James Allen
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Peace Brain Training is about bringing peace to your everyday thoughts and decisions, opening up to the inner knowing of your heart, connecting your head and heart, and living from a state of compassionate awareness and unity. It is designed for a variety of audiences. It is empowering. Our Peace Brain Training is composed of three modules: 1) Activate Your Peace Brain; 2) Create A Peace Brain Society; and 3) Your Peace Brain Service. You will learn from a place of fun, thoughtfulness, sharing, introspection and action - unfolding new ways of looking at the world, and finding answers you never knew were there.  We are changing our communities and society by purifying our hearts and minds, and mirroring this out into the world.  It is practical.  It is powerful.  It is possible. Come check out how you and your organization can assist in making this a "Peace Brain" world!
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Part 1: Activate Your Peace Brain

This first module covers a broad spectrum of topics and exercises. We begin with what is a Peace Brain, and why it is so important. We look at the science behind the value of a Peace Brain, and then explore how ancient and contemporary spiritual teachings confirm this. We look at how to develop your Peace Brain, clear any fears and limitations that may hold you back, and begin to access the wisdom from your Peace Brain instantly. When you begin to live from your Peace Brain, you can create an amazing life, and bring into your daily experiences a sense of well-being, freedom, accomplishment and ease.
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Part 2: Create A Peace Brain Society

This second module teaches universal Peace Principles, and asks the questions: What is working well now in your personal life and in today's society? What needs to change? What would a peaceful community look like, and what would be in it? We examine our personal relationships, community programs and various institutions - economic, food, transportation, health, education and more - and look at how these can operate in harmony with the earth and its ecological systems. These natural systems are reviewed and used as models for success. We step lightly into quantum mechanics and observe how its new physics and findings support a more holistic society - one where energy is positively and freely created, and can ultimately be managed with every thought, emotion and deed.
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Part 3: Your Peace Brain Service

This third module opens the doors to assist you in identifying and implementing your personal contribution to making this new, Peace Brain Society happen in your local community and on the planet. What are your special talents and gifts? How can your skills, desires and knowledge contribute to a world where peace is a normal way of being? Realize this: Peace is not boring, dull or inactive! Peace is the foundation for all creativity, success and adventure, and it takes a lot of dedicated work and cooperation to manifest. Using your Peace Brain, you will discover your unique service, and be given the opportunity to make it happen. We are excited about creating ways for your acts of Peace Brain Service to be shared globally, and for those who wish, to join in!
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Part 4: Train the Trainer

We are creating a series of training modules for those who wish to spread these Peace Brain teachings out into the world. If you are interested in becoming a Peace Brain Trainer, please contact us! Help us create Peace on Earth, with ease and grace.
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Let us work with you to create what you need!

Dr. Lash can assist your group in identifying and implementing a new state of well-being, peace, freedom and accomplishment. Using natural science, art, guided meditations, journaling, role play, movement, and tuning into one’s inner knowing, Dr. Lash and the Peace Brain Team train executives, employees, residents and youth to become more certain, capable and commanding of their thoughts and actions; as well as how to bring harmony and health to both one’s professional and personal relationships. We also design meditative spaces (labyrinths and peace gardens) for your organization and community. 

Dr. Lash will customize these workshops for your company or organization, as well as follow-up with group or individual Peace and Wellness Coaching, if desired.
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