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"Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.” —Franklin D. Roosevelt
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The heart of our society is Education, and the years between 18 and 23 are particularly important. It is a time when these young adults are forming their career choices, finding their strengths, and formulating their visions. They are primed, at graduation, to become the next corporate executive, department head, officer manager, inventor, scientist, politician, developer, who will have the fate of others and this planet in their hands. If and when these adults were instilled with a sense of peace - and an inner knowing and practice that they are connected to all life - how would our world look differently?
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Peace Brain University Courses

Dr. Lash is excited about teaching these peace principles and concepts to a broad range of university and college students. She has created several academic courses and filled them with not only cutting edge information, but also with ample opportunity for individual and group thought, reflection and participation.  In her classes, Dr. Lash embraces the Arts, facilitation techniques such as World Cafe and Open Space Technology, and field trips with service opportunities.  Please contact Dr. Lash if you think that any of these courses would complement your departmental programs.

Titles are listed below. We will be posting shortly the syllabi for several courses. Any of these can be modified to meet your goals and to mesh with your mission and departmental needs.

1. Creating A World At Peace - Part 1: Self; Part 2: Society; Part 3: Service. 45 to 135-hour course, Bachelor/Graduate

2. Peace in the Classroom:  Teacher Training; 12 to 45 hour course, PLU/Bachelor/Graduate 

3. Peace and Police: Police Enrichment And Community Engagement (PEACE) - Bringing mindfulness and stress reduction to public service personnel; 6 to 40-hr. course, Bachelor/Community

4. Living the Peace Path: Putting Peace Principles into Practice in Everyday Life; 90-hour (2 semester) course, Bachelor level

5. The Peace Builders: Learning from the Leaders; 45-hour course, Bachelor/Graduate

6. Peace and Health: Aligning and Healing Mind/Body/Spirit; 45-hour course, Community/Bachelor/Medical

7. Ecotourism: Harmonizing People, Nature, and Economics; 45-hour class, Graduate level

8. Dancing Through the Spiral Gate - A course on connecting historical and modern metaphysical teachings and how to use them today; 45 to 90-hr. course, Community/Bachelor/Graduate

9. Peace and Religion: Walking the Seven Valleys to Enlightenment; 45-hour class, Bachelor/Graduate
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