Peace Brain Education

Peace Brain Education for Middle and High School Teachers & Students

"The habits, attitudes, and beliefs that carry the human through the trials of life are developed at a very young age. If we are taught respect at a very young age, the odds are we'll be respectful throughout our whole lives. If we are taught to dance at a young age, we'll dance our whole lives. If we are taught to sing the traditional songs while we are young, we'll sing those songs throughout our whole lives. And who do we drum and sing songs to? Our children. This is how we keep it going." Chumash Elder
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The heart of our society is Education. All people - young and old - need education; it is a lifelong learning. But there is a special age between 10 and 18 where junior youth and youth become empowered, wise, and take action. The youth are the ones that get things done and change the world! If and when youth were instilled with a sense of peace, an inner pride, an inner knowing that they can accomplish anything - how would our world look differently?
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Teachers and Student Workshops

In February 2003 in Switzerland, Dr. Lash was introduced to "Education For Peace” (EFP International), a program that promoted peace principles and curricula in primary and secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was so successful that the Bosnian government recommended to the United Nations that this EFP program be implemented worldwide. From this example, Tourism For Peace, LLC was born and Dr. Lash has integrated peace education into all her programs.

In January 2008, Dr. Lash met with local educators to learn about how Peace Education has been implemented into schools in western Australia. She met Montessori Principal Mashid Jones, and heard about her success in co-creating, promoting and teaching a character development, virtues-based curricula called The Peace Pack.  It is "Spiritual Education for a Peaceful World" that promotes unity of peoples - creating knowledge of "the other" and acceptance of diverse religious views and cultures. These are examples of global peace teachings that we have available.  

Currently, we are working with educators, parents, and interested persons to create Peace programs in Charter Schools and International Schools.
Consider planting a Peace Pole at your school, and teaching peace curricula around that. Let us customize a Peace Brain Education package for you and your school.

Dr. Gail Lash also offers lectures on various peace principles and concepts for Teacher Training days, and other special group gatherings at your primary or secondary school, or public venue. Her talks include multi-media PowerPoint presentations, participatory exercises and group discussion. Contact her for a customized lecture on Peace for your educational group. 
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